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Walk In Welcome Services

These services are ideal for pets that do not receive regular groomings or for in between groomings. Feel free to stop by anytime during business hours for these services, no appointment necessary.

Nail trims- Nail trims done on a regular basis, will not only keep your pets nails at a comfortable length for them but for you, your furniture and floors, as well! $10

Nail Dremmeling- For an extra smooth finish on the your pets nail, we offer nail dremmeling in addition to the nail trim which smoothes out all of roughness that trimming can leave behind, and ensures they will not suffer discomfort from split or broken nails. $3 extra

Anal Gland Expression- In some breeds and in some cases if anal glands are not expressed regularly, they can become impacted, and potentially lead to infections or abscesses. Regular expressions can help prevent these problems. $10

Additional Services

These services may be added to The Signature Spa Package to personalize and enhance your pet's spa grooming experience. Perfect for pets needing some extra luxurious head to paw beautification & relaxation.

Salon & Spa Services

Dog Salon

Nail Pawlish- The application of a stunning chip-resistant pawlish in the color of your choice adds the perfect finishing touch to your pets nails. $10

Pet Spa Services

Nail Art- Go beyond nail polish and enjoy some fabulous nail art. We offer fun options including French manicures, festive holiday nail stickers and even rhinestones. $12

Pet Salon

Pawdicure- with the pawdicure your pet's paws are soaked in a rejuvenating combination of vanilla and milk thistle. The pads are then gently massaged with a natural paw balm and wrapped for several minutes to lock in moisture and completely soothe. $7

Pet Grooming

Dental Care- This service involves the brushing of your pet's teeth to effectively remove plaque build-up, kill germs, and to help control bad breath, and done regularly not only helps keep teeth clean but reduces the risk of gum disease and can add years to your pet's life. We also include a spritz of dental spray to leave their breath minty clean. $3

Pet Spa

Therapeutic Massage- Let us give your pet an effective massage to address their specific needs. This is a proactive way to reduce stress, increase muscle tone and improve flexibility. A massage is also ideal for calming hyperactive pets, bringing relief to pets suffering from painful hip dysphasia, arthritis and backaches, geriatric pets, or for pets just wanting some special pampering. We offer 15, 30 or hour long sessions. $10 per 15 minutes

Coat Treatments

Pet Spa

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Scrub- This process aids in circulation through stimulating blood flow which relaxes and reduces stress. Imported mud from the Dead Sea is massaged into the coat, down into the skin. This process draws out toxins and relieves itchy, irritated skin. $10

For the Fun of It

Pet Spa

Glamour Glitter Stenciling- Want to take part in the hottest new trend in pet grooming? Stenciling, unlike hair dye, is not permanent, so it serves as the perfect way to have some fun without having to live with it long term. Whether you are going for a stroll in your neighborhood or walking for a cause, Your pet is sure to be the bark of the town with stencils for all types of special occasions and holidays! Price varies depending on size and stencil.

Pet Spa

Colorful Pet Hair Dying- From rainbow tails to whole body dyes. Choose from a variety of striking colors. Our non-toxic, non-transferable color assortment can be applied to create anything. We offer seven bright, completely nontoxic, hair dye colors to choose from. The lifetime of the colors depend on your dogs, activities and lifestyle, but usually last 4 to 6 washes. Price varies depending on size of area dyed.

Pet Spa

Jewel Designs- Add a little glam to your pet with jewel designs! An assortment of jewel colors to choose from and endless possibilities of the shapes we can create. Price varies depending on size of design.

Pet Spa

Feather Extensions- Be sure your pet is styling with feather extensions! Available in a variety of lengths, colors and thicknesses. Best of all they last and last. 2 feathers $10

Specialty Baths

Strawberry Milk Bath- This specially formulated Strawberry Milk Bath gives pets the nourishing benefits of natural milk protein to soften and condition skin and coats. This special formula features a unique system of microencapsulated, time-released Nova Pearls moisturizers and is enriched with milk proteins for healthier skin and coats and is enhanced with the refreshing fragrance of strawberries. Great for pets with dry skin.$3

Hypoallergenic Bath- This completely fragrance free and dye free shampoo is the most gentle shampoo you can use. Great for pets with extra sensitive skin. $3

Oatmeal Bath- Our special oatmeal shampoo is an all natural soap-free cleansing treatment that helps relieve dry irritated skin. This exceptional shampoo cleans the skin and coat without harsh irritating chemicals and contains special conditioners that moisturize and sooth the skin. Great for pets with dry itchy skin. $3

Medicated Bath- Formulated to provide healing relief from hot spots, itching, fungus, bacteria, infection, crusty skin, dandruff and bites. Great for pets with more serious skin issues. $5

Flea Bath- This bath is a safe and effective treatment for pet's with fleas and ticks. This treatment rids your pet of fleas and ticks with a shampoo that is completely pesticide-free. This shampoo is not to be confused as a preventative, however. It only kills any existing fleas or ticks. Please consult your vet for proper flea and tick treatment for your pet. $7

Special Grooming Services

Brush Out Sessions- if you have a dog that require lots of brushing and your busy schedule just doesn't allow the time, no worries, our brush-out sessions make it possible for you to keep your dog at whatever length you desire. $10 per 15 minutes

Hand stripping- This is a service offered dogs with wiry coats, and there are only certain breeds and coats that are candidates for this service. Hand stripping preserves the rich color and harsh texture that certain breeds are known for. Besides the aesthetic value it has wonderful health benefits as well. It is like a total body deep cleansing pore treatment. Many skin conditions improve if not disappear altogether. To do the job thorough and correct, it requires quite a bit of hands on time, so plenty of advance in scheduling is required. Consultation required for approval and pricing.